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What makes space a thrill?

Today, for many people the idea of space travel and exploration hardly creates a sense of wonder or excitement. Perhaps this is because we are not as exposed to the fantasy of science fiction as much today as society was from 1957 to 1962. Or perhaps this is because we have been overexposed to science fiction and we are just not stimulated by the same images and stories of the future we have seen over and over.

Whatever the case, it is evident that advertising has encouraged society to become excited about the future and space exploration.  Some of the most “extravagant” visions of the future came from corporations such as NASA and their advertisement causing a “gold rush in outer space”.

Author Megan Prelinger is publishing a book on May 25 solely on the top of advertising in the “space race”.  Her books is a homage to the advertisements that lead her and many people of her generation to become dedicated to what she refers to as an advanced technological society.  Prelinger says that her book was inspired by the fact that the advertising in magazines such as Aviation Week & Space Technology, and Missiles and Rockets caught her attention more than the articles.  The images in the advertisements suggest that ” the furthest reach of what humankind hoped to find in space was in fact the very essence of infinity”

The Article concludes on a somewhat somber tone.  It ends by suggesting that since advertising has left science fiction and moved onto other fields the new generations of society are not becoming interested in fields of science and exploring the final frontier.  Its sad that today people are not interested in joining “companies of the future”. When it comes down to it though, what is the reason for this? Is it the fact that advertising is not focused on fields of science or is that society’s interest have shifted to other fields.

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