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Ocean Acidification Article

According to the article in Science Daily, the author states; “The rise in human emissions of carbon dioxide is driving fundamental and dangerous changes in the chemistry and ecosystems of the world’s oceans…” This has been happening in combination with global warming and surprisingly poses and even bigger threat to biology than global warming does. The increase in carbon dioxide causes the ocean water to become more acidic because this gas is dissolved into the water and the only way to stop this from happening further is to reduce the emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.
The carbon dioxide that is being absorbed into the ocean and gradually increasing its acidity is a product of burning fossil fuels, cement production and deforestation. The rise in acidification may not seem like a big deal, but it harms the organisms that live in water. Organisms such as coral and shellfish whose shells/skeletons are made from calcium carbonate, and the reproduction of plankton, which are a major part in the food web because the sea life depends on them. Dr. Eva Calvo states that the ocean waters have been tested for rising acidification levels and the test has proven that the pH was at a 0.1 level. If the levels keep rising then by the year 2100 the level will be at 0.3 – 0.4 pH units. This would be a dangerous level to reach because the coral and shellfish would not be able to withstand this high acidity. This “evil twin” which is what acidification is known as will have an effect on the fishing industry, which in turn will effect food production for humans. Birds and many land animals will be affected by the dying of sea life as well.

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  1. tmeisel says

    I really enjoy astronomy, but in essence everything it teaches leads to impending doom. Even though this apocolyptic event is billions of years in the future, it doesn’t seem like there is much to look forward to if we are impinted with the thought that every action we do now just added to a negative future.

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