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Was the universe created out of nothingness?

According to String Theory, a new controvertial theory that is chaging the way we look at the universe. One of the more accepted theories of modern astronomy known as The Bigbang is being challenged by this radical new idea. The basic concept is that there are parallel universes called brane’s and every once in a while, two of these branes collide creating what we call the big bang. But the most disturbing part is that the bigbang was no “special event” according to string theory. But if this is true, when will it happen again?

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  1. jsabb1 says

    Interesting! I believe noone knows how or when this will ever happen or occur. Maybe the big bang is routine and happens every finite amount of years. Maybe we were part of a second big bang.

  2. Joceline Fuzailov says

    The string theory provides a new outlook to how the universe came into existance. This can explain how our universe was created because it gives us a plausable explanation to how matter came into existance. Since matter can not be destroyed nor created how could our universe be created out of nothing? The string theory is showing us a way that our universe came to be through a different dimension. The string theory assumes there is more than the 3 known dimensions that we occupy and this theory is proposing that our universe sprang out from a different dimension and this would explain to some extent what happened before the Big Bang. I wouldnt say that the theory of the Big Bang is being challened, i believe that the string theory is expanding on the Big Bang theory and supporting the Big Bang model of the birth of the universe.

  3. stelios says

    This is an interesting assumption but due to the fact that the creation of or universe is actually the most unknown phenomenon to occur, there is no way for us to ever know how the universe came to be. This theory is yet another possibilty to the creation of the universe, and if this was no “special event” according to string theory then I hope the next one does not occur any time soon !

  4. yaoyao1225 says

    The Big Bang theory is accepted by people, even scientists. Therefore, the Big Bang is more reasonable. We never know what was happen before universe occur.

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