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NASA’s Quest for Dark Energy May Fade to Black

The NASA’s idea of a spacecraft designed to explore dark energy (a theoretical force that counteracts gravity and causes the universe to expand at an accelerated rate) might have to be postponed for another decade.  The reason this $1.6 billion dollar spacecraft might not get to travel outer space any time soon is because “of cost overruns and mismanagement on a separate project, the James Webb Space Telescope.”  The future of this spacecraft is indeed “fading to black”; at the present time NASA has not said how much it needs to finish the James Webb Space Telescope, and if there will be any money and time left for other projects in the same decade.

In 2008, NASA and the Energy Department budgeted $600 million, “but a working group of dark-energy scientists could not come up with a design that would fit in the budget.”  Dark energy is an important matter, and one that needs to be investigated accordingly.  Dr. Blanford stated that: “dark energy and exoplanets are both fields of tremendous scientific importance and have caught the public’s attention… to abdicate that investment and opportunity would seem a terrible shame.”  If all goes well NASA will have the resources to give this project a go.

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