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New Evidence For Triggers of Original Supernovae

A supernovae is defined as a star’s phenomenon where its brightness increase greatly due to an explosion that ejects most of its mass. The Chandra X-Ray Observatory has found new evidence for what triggered the original supernova explosion. Tycho’s Supernovae was formed by a Type Ia supernova, which has been used in measuring astronomical distances because of their reliable brightness. In the lower left region of Tycho is a blue arc of X-ray emission. According to Chandra evidence gathered concludes that this arc is due to a shock wave created when a white dwarf exploded and blew material off the surface of a nearby companion star. This supports one popular scenario for the trigger of a Type Ia supernova.  It is  important that we understand the origin of Type Ia supernovas being that it is used to determine that the Universe is expanding at an accelerating rate.

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