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Black Holes

According to an article in the New York Times, there has been an increasing amount of evidence showing that black holes can be extroverts that extend out across millions of light years. It appears that they are “controlling the development of galaxies as well as clusters of galaxies.” Researchers have found that the “black holes are regulating other objects’ cosmic growth because of a feedback light and radiation.” There has also been some connection to the clouds of gas lying in the early universe.  The clouds of gas are known to the scientific community as blobs. It has been reported that “these blobs are being blasted and lighted from the inside by the radiation coming from the supermassive black holes, at the center of the developing galaxies.” According to cosmologist, Martin Rees,” there may be some correlation between the masses of black holes and the galaxies in which they are embedded”, which brings some astronomers to believe that there is some kind of feedback mechanism taking place.

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