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Hubble Space Telescope

Andrea Varnava
General Astronomy001
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In the New York Times article the “Hubble Space Telescope” talks about all the wonders the Hubble Space Telescope has given us as well as a few of the costs. For what it’s given us is an abundance of information for us to research and learn more about spaces, and the ability for the telescope “to peer with matchless resolution into the black hole hearts of galaxies and discern glints of stars and galaxies deeper into space-time than any eye had ever seen.” Now as far as the costs the Hubble Space Telescope has cost “NASA an estimated ten billion in the past thirty years.” Including the costs of trips up there and the cost of repairs and that have to be done as well as a few lives that have been lost. According to the article the Hubble Space Telescope is now estimated to “continue functioning until 2014. By then its successor, the James Webb Space Telescope should be in orbit.”

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