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Newly Found Deposit Changes Mars’ Atmosphere

There has been a discovery that the total amount of atmosphere on Mars has changed drastically. This process can affect the stability of liquid water and increase frequency and severity of dust storms. There is a newly found deposit that has a similar volume to Lake Superior’s and it is in a dissipating phase. The deposit is adding gas to the Mars’ atmosphere which is already at 95 percent carbon dioxide. The additional carbon-dioxide increase in the atmosphere may also amplify some effects caused by the tilt of  Mars’ axis. All these changes result in a greenhouse effect that is trying to warm the surface of Mars, while the polar ice caps are trying to cool it. Mars’ atmosphere is just too thin and dry to be able to create a strong greenhouse such as the one on Earth. This discovery may disappoint many people because the chances of there being a thick enough atmosphere for life to be on Mars has grown slim. The air pressure has increased tremendously and there is double the amount of carbon dioxide now. Some say that it can be possible if factories were placed to produce water vapor on Mars and try to strengthen the atmosphere. If technology continues to develop rapidly, we may actually still be able to create a atmosphere capable of sustaining life.


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